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TN Walking Horses
A Secret Push Secret is a GORGEOUS deep mohogony bay, tri colored stud that has the smoothest gait.  He is the sire of many of our mares.  

TN Walking Horses

1945 and 1946 World Grand Champion
"Horse of the Century"

Midnight Sun 1945 - 1946

He was the first stallion to become world champion of his kind, in 1945 and 1946 at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration at Shelbyville, Tennessee.   He sired Grand Champions seven times; grand-sired World Grand Champions five times;  and was the great-grandsire of nearly every year's Champion since that time. On only 4 occasions since 1949, have horses not descended from Midnight Sun, been world champions of this breed.  He was named "The Horse Of The Century" and remains the most prolific sire of the breed to date.

TN Walking Horses

1962 World Grand Champion

Ebony Masterpiece - 1962

One of the most famous grandsons of Midnight Sun and Merry Boy, Ebony Masterpiece also founded a dynasty of World Champion offspring.  Ebony Masterpiece was retired to stud following his 1962 win and sired many many champion foals, including Ebony’s Senator, 1969 World Grand Champion.  1998 W G Ch. Masquerading and 1999 W G Ch. RPM, being the latest to carry the illustrious name of Ebony Masterpiece on their pedigrees.

Ebony Masterpiece, Sam Paschal up.

 TN Walking Horses

1963 World Grand Champion

Sun's Deligh tD.

Sun’s Delight was one of the most popular World Grand Champions of all time, and was considered the perfect model for the breed in looks, manners and action.  Since he was retired in 1963, the name of Sun’s Delight D. has appeared in the pedigrees of many many world champions, and on those of six World Grand Champions -  1973 W. G. Ch. Delight Bumin Around; 1984 W. G. Ch. Delight of Pride; 1987 W. G. Ch. Coin’s Hard Cash; 1988 W. G. Ch. Doc’s High Tribute; 1995 W. G. Ch. Pride’s Sundance Star;  and 1997 W. G. Ch. Generator’s Santana.

Sun's Delight D in action

 TN Walking Horses

1965 World Grand Champion


Rodgers’ Perfection was sired by Midnight Mack K, out of Merry Walker, who was also the dam of Go Boy’s Shadow. As a four-year-old, he won the Stallion Class and the Championship at Little Rock, Arkansas, and ended his show ring competition by winning the World Champion Stallion title and the World Grand Championship at the 1959 Celebration.  He was retired from the show ring after the Celebration and  went on to stud.  He sired the 1955 and 1956 World Grand Champion, GLL’s Carbon Copy.

 TN Walking Horses
1947 and 1948 World Grand Champion


Merry Go Boy, sired by Merry Boy, was called the greatest show horse of all time.  He won the World Grand Champion in 1947, and again in 1948.  He has the distinction of being the first World Grand Champion to be trained with action devices. He sired Go Boy's Shadow, 1955-56 World Grand Champion, and Go Boy's Sundust, 1967 World Grand Champion and Go Boy's Royal Heir, 1968 World Grand Champion.

TN Walking Horses

1965 World Grand Champion

Triple Threat

Triple Threat was another famous grandson of Midnight Sun.  His dam was a daughter of Wartrace. In 1963, Triple Threat won the Reserve Champion Stallion and Reserve Grand Championship with Harold Kennedy up. He also won the Reserve Stallion and Reserve Grand Championship, under Harold Kennedy in 1964.  He sired the 1979 World Grand Champion, Threat’s Supreme A., and grand-sired many World Champions as well.

TripleThreat 1965
 TN Walking Horses

1955 AND 1956 World Grand Champion


Go Boy's Shadow 1955-56

Go Boy’s Shadow was sired by Merry Go Boy, out of the black mare Merry Walker. In 1955, for the second time in the history of the Celebration, a three-year-old horse won both the Junior Class and the Junior Stake as well as the World Grand Championship.  In 1956, Shadow won the Walking Stallions, Four-Years-Old and Over. With his exciting action, exceptional speed and wonderful style, he won the World Grand Championship for the second year in succession. Colts sired by Go Boy's Shadow were consistent winners at the Celebration for the next few years.

Go Boy's Shadow In Action

 TN Walking Horses

1964 World Grand Champion

Carbon Copy In Action

GLL’s Carbon Copy was sired by the 1959 World Grand Champion, Rodgers’ Perfection, and was out of Midnight Doll, a daughter of Midnight Sun.  Midnight Mack K., the sire of Rodgers’ Perfection was also by Midnight Sun, giving Carbon Copy Grand Champion parentage on both sides of his pedigree.  Carbon Copy was one of the most popular World Grand Champions of all time.  This black stallion had, in addition to his beautiful conformation, the three distinct gaits of the true Walking horse.  He was a perfect model for the breed in both looks and manners as well as in action.  He sired two World Grand Champions - Shades of Carbon in  1976 and Mark of Carbon in 1978.

Carbon Copy
 TN Walking Horses

1977 World Grand Champion

The Super Stock in 1971

For THE SUPER STOCK and trainer, David Mason, the 1977 Celebration was perfection.  In two performances they claimed two blue ribbons and six first place votes from the judges.  The 1977 World's Grand Champion was officially registered as THE SUPER STOCK with registration number 686676.  He was foaled in May of 1968 and raised by his first owner, Gene Jordan of Murfreesboro.  The black stallion was by SCATMAN, who was by LITTLE MERRY BOY and was out of MAY ALLEN GIRL, a fine mare with MERRY BOY and ROAN ALLEN F-38 breeding.

The Super Stock
 TN Walking Horses

1993 World Grand Champion

When Shades of Carbon and Judy Martin walked their way to the grass for the floral horseshoe and the Grand Championship awards, it was not just a happening but the climax of a well planned and developed career. During his show ring career Shades of Carbonhad only two riders and trainers; that being the husband and wife team of Judy and Joe Martin.  They won twenty-nine blues, five reserves, and only one third.  That is quite a record for only five years of competition. Shadeswas retired at the 1976 Dixie Jubilee in Baton Rouge and stood at stud at the Judy and Joe Martin stables. 

 TN Walking Horses

1973 World Grand Champion

Delight Bumin Around 1973

In 1972, Billy Gray and Delight Bumin Around had to settle for Reserve Grand Champion.  It was Bum’s only defeat in his four years as a show horse. In 1973, they made a brilliant performance in the Grand Championship Stakes Class, and Delight Bumin Around was declared World Grand Champion.  Delight Bumin Around went into the record books as one of the all time great walking horse performers. He was shown a total of twenty nine times during his four year career and was the class winner every time except one.  He was considered to be one of the most beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses of all time.

Delight Bumin Around In Action
 TN Walking Horses

Threat's Supreme A.
1979 World Grand Champion

Threat's Supreme A was sired by 1965 WGCH. Triple Threat. Supreme was shown in amateur competition for three years before making his first bid for the roses in 1976 with Bud Seaton. Mr. Seaton took him all the way in 1979.

 TN Walking Horses

1980 World Grand Champion

Ebony Mountain Man won the Owner-Amateur Stallion and Owner-Amateur World Champion titles, in 1977. In 1978, despite a pulled tendon, Mountain Man was Reserve World Grand Champion. In 1979, he tied third, while weakened by a kidney infection. in 1980, Sammy Day rode him to a perfect performance in all three gaits and walked away with the blue in Section A of the Over 15.2 Stallion Class, and the World Grand Championship.  

 TN Walking Horses

1981 World Grand Champion

Sire of the Pushover, and a dynasty of World Champion foals.  The Pusher will leave a lasting mark on the gene pool of the Walking Horse breed. With his style and performance, his conformation and disposition, The Pusher earned the highest awards offered by the Walking Horse industry. On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, The Pusher C. G. was laid to rest. After consulting with Dr. John Bennett, it was decided that the 29 year old stallion would humanely put down with the same class and dignity he carried throughout his entire career.

 TN Walking Horses

1982 World Grand Champion

Prides Secret Threat and BillyGray

Another outstanding grandson of Midnight Sun, Prides Secret Threat was by Pride of Midnight and out of Triple Threat Rose. He was 1979 Two Year-Old W. G. Ch. In 1980, he won both the preliminary and the Three-Year-Old Championship Stake. In 1981, he won the Junior W. G. Ch., by unanimous decision. As 1985 W. G. Ch., he set a new record.  Never before in history had any horse won them all - World Grand Championships as a Two-, Three-, Four and Five-year-old.  Prides Secret Threat died suddenly of Colitis X, later in the year, having sired 167 only colts.  

Prides Secret Threat

 TN Walking Horses

Pride's Jubilee Star
1986 World Grand Champion

Trainer Ramsey Bullington directed the energy and animation, the spirit and style of Pride's Jubilee Star in his 1986 World Grand Championship victory pass, at the 48th annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville.  Sire of Pride's Jubilee Encore and Pride's Sundance Star and Jubilee's Rising Star, this beautiful bay stallion has established a dynasty of his own.

 TN Walking Horses

Coin's Hard Cash
1987 World Grand Champion

A product of Harlin Hayes breeding program, Coin's Hard Cash was sired by Prides Gold Coin, out of Prides Donna.  At the time of the World Championships, he was owned by Bonnie T. Cady, and trained by Larry Edwards.

 TN Walking Horses

The Touch
1993 World Grand Champion

1993 was the year for Chad Way and The Touch.  Way, 22 and the youngest trainer to claim such a victory, had achieved the life-long goal.  Grey John's Touch (whose name was later shortened to The Touch) was bred and raised by Joe C. Martin, a close and dear friend to Nancy and Hoil Walker from Murfreesboro.  Martin owned both his sire, Another Grey John, and his dam, Spirit's Ebby.  Another Grey John was sired by Pride's John Grey who was by Pride Of Midnight.

The Touch

 TN Walking Horses

He's Putting On The Ritz
1996 World Grand Champion

Ritz and Billy Gray win Two Year Old World Grand Champion and Two Year Old Horse of the Year r

In 1996, to a record-breaking crowd of 30,081 people, He's Puttin' On The Ritz and Sammy Day won the title of World Grand Champion.  Sired by Command Performance and out of a Pride's Generator mare,  Ritz was named Horse of the Year, after capturing both the Three-Year-Old Stallion title and the Three-Year-Old World Grand Championship at the 1994 Celebration. The once wild colt, now a gentle chestnut champion, successfully concluded his  winning Celebration performance, with a standing ovation from a roaring crowd.

He's Putting On The Ritz

TN Walking Horses



Pride Of Midnight in action

Pride of Midnight was a noted show horse and the leading sire of his time.  He produced world champion offspring in every division, including WC Pride's Generator.  The Pride offspring were renown for being talented, easy to train, pretty, and "fast makers". 

Spirit of Midnight won second in the 1959 Two Year Old Class. In 1962 he won third behind Mack K's Handshaker and Ebony Masterpiece, both future World Grand Champions. In 1963, Spirit won third in the Aged Stallion Class behind Sun's Delight and Triple Threat, both future World Grand Champions.

Spirit Of Midnight and SteveHill
TN Walking Horses





Noted son of Wilson's Allen, Wartrace was denied his full potential as a sire by being somewhat isolated in Stanton, Mississippi.

1943 World Champion Three Year Old, popular sire and great show horse.

Society Man
TN Walking Horses




Prides Gold Coin and Bill Bobo

World Champion son of Pride of Midnight, and sire of many World Champions.

Sire of 1959 W G Ch. Rodgers' Perfection, and 1960 W G Ch. Mack K's Handshaker, Midnight Mack K. is still considered to be the best horse ever shown in Celebration competition that did not actually win the Grand Championship.

 Midnight Mack K.

TN Walking Horses




Betty Sain's popular breeding sire who boasted more foundation bloodlines of Allan F-1 than any other stallion of his day.

Dam of Pride of Midnight, and famous show ring champion.  Foundation mare of the Pride dynasty of World Grand Champions

Pride Of Stanley

TN Walking Horses




Prides Dark Spirit

1982 Two Year Old World Grand Champion, 1983 Three Year Old World Grand Champion, and sire of 1992 W. G. Ch. Dark Spirit's Rebel

Outstanding combination of Ebony Masterpiece, Triple Threat and Mack K's Handshaker bloodlines, and a blue ribbon sire.

Ebony's Threat A.
TN Walking Horses


Prides Generator

 The premier son of Pride of Midnight, he was Two-Year Old, Three-Year Old, and Four-Year-Old World Champion. Voted TWHBEA's #1 Sire of the Year in  percentage points and total points for seven straight years, Prides Generator was one of the most prolific sires of the breed. There are 2,303 foals registered to him in the TWHBEA Ipeds, to date

Prides Generator 4 Yr Old W G Ch
TN Walking Horses

Grandsire of Bad News Royalty

A son of Pride of Midnight and a nationally recognized sire.

Prides Royal Master
TN Walking Horses


Sire of Beams Majestic

  TN Walking Horses


Coin Bad News - click for enlargement

Coin Bad News is truly regarded as a premier breeding stallion within the Walking Horse Industry. His percentages of "Get" becoming World Champions with respect to the total number of mares bred are among the highest. Coin Bad News consistently passes on to his offspring his excellent disposition, flawless conformation, and natural walking ability. He has recently been given a Premier Breeding Sire award by the TWHBEA & SWHBA Associations for his outstanding achievement of winning seven consecutive Get and Sire Championships from 1994 through 2000.

 TN Walking Horses


By the immortal Prides Generator and out of Count's Silver Lining by Delight's Counselor, JFK absolutely dominated the show ring during the 1990's.  The beautiful roan stallion claimed Two, Three and Four Year Old World and World Grand Championships in 1992, 1993 and 1994.  He has since sired numerous successful show ring contenders including WGC John FK's Pusher, WGC JFK's Monopoly, WGC John FK's Delight, WGC Capone, WC Mr. Chili Pepper, WC He's Wild Eyed and Wicked, WC FDR, and R.WGC Card Trick.

 TN Walking Horses


Sadly, on January 14, 2005 Generator's Showboat, son of Prides Generator,  died unexpectedly.

 TN Walking Horses


By World Grand Champion, He's Puttin' On The Ritz.  Ari's dam is the unforgettable show mare, My Jackie O., a full sister to JFK.

 TN Walking Horses



The Call Judge has sired World Champions The Snow Job, Judge's Red Alert, Lonestar Judge and Judges Order.

 TN Walking Horses